Sleepless in New York Time Lapse

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Jump from tower to tower in New York City and enjoy the beautiful Manhattan skyline at night. This is my third “Sleeplessin” time lapse, showing the great city of New York at night. I traveled two times to New York City for a total of 6 weeks and was shooting in the streets for 28 evenings and 14 mornings producing 3.5 TB data and 33'420 photos. During that time I ate 29 slices of pizza and spent USD 240 for the subway.

Why New York City

When I was 14 years old I got the chance to visit New York City for the first time. From that moment I fell in love with the city that never sleeps. When I started my night time lapse project „Sleeplessin“ there was no doubt that NYC must be part of the project. It took me a while to improve my knowledge and technical skills until I felt ready.

Special thanks

Many places in NYC don't allow tripods. So getting permission to shoot from buildings was not easy. Luckily I got some great help for which I would like to thank you:


Music "Drifting Tide" by Tiny Music and "Fun on Street" by Ulas Pakkan licenced at PremiumBeat. Multiple SFX by Pond5, Lens Disortions, Audio Jungle and self recorded.


Canon EOS R, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 6D

More on my Instagram

There are vertical video loops of this project on my Instagram account. Also there are selected photos here.

Some facts

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    3 TB


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    240 $

    Subway fee

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    29 slice


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Min. View Date
0:00 Midtown and Empire State Building 11/14/18
0:06 Crane on construction building 11/14/18
0:09 Billionaires Row and Central Park 11/11/18
0:18 Central Park and skyline 11/22/18
0:22 Central Park and skyline 02/25/19
0:27 Midtown and Upper East Side 11/12/18
0:31 432 Park Avenue 11/12/18
0:35 Lower Manhattan including WTC 11/10/18
0:44 Downtown Manhattan 11/19/18
0:53 Top of One World Trade Center 11/21/18
1:00 NYC building construction 11/22/18
1:05 New York by Gehry 02/22/19
1:12 Street traffic 02/22/19
1:17 New York City Hall 02/22/19
1:20 Upper West Side 02/19/19
1:22 Hudson Yards 02/16/19
1:24 Midtown skyline 11/17/18
1:26 Skyline from Rosevelt Island 11/17/18
1:30 Skyline from Rosevelt Island 02/26/19
1:32 Chrysler Building 03/04/19
1:40 Empire State Building 04/04/19
1:48 East River night 11/22/18
1:52 Chrysler Building 03/04/19
2:00 One World Trade Center 02/21/19
2:08 Woolworth Building 02/21/19
2:19 Street corner night traffic 02/21/19
2:23 Midtown Skyline 02/28/19
2:32 Trash car 02/28/19
2:35 Traffic 02/28/19
2:37 11th Avenue 02/28/19
2:44 Downtown / Lower Manhatten 02/21/19
2:51 Downtown Building 02/21/19
3:02 Time Square 11/13/18

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